Some of the things you'll see


The huge temple façade at Edfu


Hot air balloons over the Ramesseum at Luxor


One of Hatshepsut’s granite pillars at Karnak

Abu Simbel

Rameses II Temple cut into the side of a hill at Abu Simbel. (Note the doorway entrance)

Looking over the mummy of the boy king Tutankhaten

Hatshepsut's Temple

Relief at Queen Hatshepsut’s Temple featuring the god Anubis. (Note the color that remains)

Kom Ombo

Temple pillar at Kom Ombo (note the color that remains)


The Temple complex at Saqqara

Statue of the Heretic King Akhenaten

Egyptian Museum

Tutankhamun’s chariot on display at the Egyptian Museum


The Museum of Egyptian Antiquites in Cairo


Massive columns at the huge Karnak complex

Egyptian Museum

Egyptian mummy at the Egyptian Museum

The tomb of Rameses III in the Valley of the Kings, Luxor


Your 10 days and 9 nights include all accommodations, all ground transportation and internal airfare while in Egypt, all meals, and all entry fees to the sites listed (international airfares not included).

Price (per person) Double Occupancy Single Occupancy
United States USD $2,880 USD $3,280
As a guide below are the estimated currency conversion rates as of 2022-05-20.
Canada CAD $3,690 CAD $4,203
Australia AUD $4,095 AUD $4,664
New Zealand NZD $4,507 NZD $5,132
United Kingdom GBP £2,312 GBP £2,633
Europe EUR €2,723 EUR €3,101
South Africa ZAR R45,683 ZAR R52,028

Currency Note: U.S. prices are fixed. The posted estimates for international prices will be updated regularly as a guide only. The invoice you receive will be at the US dollar price posted on the website on the day you register.